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What is Clinical Trial ?
What is e-Clinical Trial ?
e-Clinical Trials : Steps
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What's e-Clinical Trials

An e-clinical trial is an evidence based, IT supported, Interactive Approach to access Patients/Consumers Feedback about particular Medicines or Suppliments.  In contrast to conventional Clinical Trial, Its Self Monitored process with following facts in comparison to Clinical Trial:

  1. No Phase in e- Clinical Trial: (typically medicines / herbs/ suppliments available in market are judged through evidence of the patients or consumers)
  2. Choosing an e-Clinical Trial: (Its solely on user's discretion to provide Feedback / Evidence as in social welfare)
  3. Some issues to consider before enrolling in a e-Clinical Trial: Eligibility - validates its User Interface to Include appropriate study volunteers. Recruitment forms list "inclusion criteria": things like disease type, treatment status, medical history, age range, gender, ethnicity and other factors necessary to join the trial. Forms may also list what investigators aren’t looking for, known as "exclusion criteria." Benefits - Although e-clinical trials offer no guarantees,  Analytical reports/ graphs generated throgh consumer Ratings are sometimes enough to help them. Risks - The e-clinical trial process is not risk-free as Side effects in available medicines. But its less risky as you have user feedback about side effects. Duration - e-clinical trials can last anywhere from a few weeks to several years. Its very easy process as you can submit your evidence through internet from anywhere. Cost -Ideally, No cost at all but your Medicines/Labs which you invest on prescription of a physician of your choice
  4. e-Clinical Trial Steps: (Before proceeding, you should no these are Steps to perform: Click Here to learn.
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